5 Content Marketing Ideas for Digital Marketing Agencies


For marketing agencies, content marketing is the bread and butter of their businesses. At any given time, Chicago marketing agencies can be found running new marketing campaigns which employ various forms of online marketing.

When it comes to marketing, there are no doubt countless companies that are always trying to outdo one another. Google has changed its algorithms so many times that companies still think they’ve found a way to beat it.

For marketing agency Chicago, content marketing is the bread and butter of their businesses. At any given time, marketing agencies can be found running new marketing campaigns which employ various forms of online marketing.

Whether you run a marketing agency or not, it’s good to have some form of marketing strategy in place. Content marketing is one of the best tools marketing agencies have at their disposal, whether you’re looking to compete with other marketing businesses or bring in more customers.

Here are five content marketing ideas for marketing agencies:

  1. Run a blogger outreach campaign – The idea behind this strategy is to reach out to bloggers and offer them free products to use and review. In exchange, you would ask them to write a short report on their experience with the product as well as share it with their social media followers.
  2. Ask for reviews from clients – Something marketing agencies should do is reach out to current clients and ask if they could write a testimonial or review on one of your marketing accounts, such as Google My Business or Yelp. These reviews help you rank better on search engines and marketing platforms.
  3. Write a marketing blog – It’s important to keep marketing agencies up-to-date with marketing trends and news, which is why marketing agencies like digital marketing Chicago should have marketing blogs of their own. In these marketing blogs, agency owners can share marketing tips and explain marketing concepts to marketing agency employees.
  4. Offer marketing seminars – Marketing agencies looking to become the go-to marketing business in their area could offer marketing seminars for free, where they can share marketing advice with beginners or those who want to know more about marketing.
  5. Publish an eBook (or video) – An eBook (or marketing video) is a great way marketing agencies can establish themselves as marketing experts and/or industry leaders. If you’re not sure what to write about, check out what’s trending on marketing blogs or marketing forums. Remember: the eBook doesn’t have to be long – just something that could help your clients and potential clients achieve their marketing goals. For marketing videos, marketing agencies should do marketing video tutorials or marketing tips for new marketing agency employees.

To get more customers into your marketing business, it’s important to show that you’re an expert in the field of marketing rather than just another marketing agency with no real knowledge of marketing. Content marketing is a great way to establish yourself as marketing experts, which is why marketing agencies should try their hand at creating marketing videos and marketing blogs for marketing agency employees.

By publishing marketing tips and tutorials, marketing agencies can build client trust by showing that they’re knowledgeable enough to write these marketing posts. Plus, it helps marketing agency employees know more about the industry they’re working in – which is always a good thing. If marketing agencies can prove themselves as marketing experts, it’s more likely that clients will contract their services – which is why content marketing is vital to marketing agencies.

If you’re looking for high-quality marketing videos, SEO companies such as a Chicago SEO Company are the way to go. Marketing videos help marketing agencies establish themselves as industry leaders, which is important if marketing agencies want to gain more clients. In addition, marketing videos help marketing agency employees have a better understanding of the marketing industry – which means marketing agencies will have higher success rates when it comes to marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, content marketing is an important strategy for marketing agencies who are looking to stay on top of trends or become the go-to marketing agency in their area. As marketing experts, marketing agencies should write marketing blogs for marketing agency employees and marketing videos that showcase marketing tips or tricks. By doing these things, marketing agencies are able to build trust with clients and show off their industry knowledge – which is always a good thing when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert or leader in marketing.

SEO companies can offer marketing tips, marketing videos, marketing seminars and marketing blog posts that marketing agencies can use to help them establish their marketing agency as an expert or industry leader in the field of marketing. Also, marketing agencies who write marketing content for digital marketing agencies build trust with clients and prove their knowledge of marketing – which is always a good thing when marketing agencies are looking to grow their marketing business.

To sum up, marketing agencies should offer marketing tips, marketing seminars and marketing blog posts (or marketing videos) for SEO companies in order to become true marketing experts or build trust with potential clients – which is always a great thing when it comes to growing your marketing agency.


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