Angel Healing

There are many ways to connect with Angels. In truth there is no separation between Angels and humankind. Separation is a physical realm concept, a perception that we are not connected to Divine Source Energy. Angels, your Guardian Angels, are always with you. You need only ask for help, speaking aloud your request, speaking silently to yourself, or simply say “Angels please help me.” Angels know your deepest desires and fears, your deepest joy and sorrows. There is no request too great or small, no request is more important than another; these are physical realm concepts.

Prayer: Prayer is a sacred and very personal way to connect with Angels. You do not pray to Angels, for they are messengers of God, the Creator of All There Is. Prayer is a way to quiet the mind, still the emotions, opening your heart for healing, receiving the guidance you seek; a way of connecting with your inner Self, your core essence of love and light. A prayer can be as simple as a moment of silence or lighting a candle and giving thanks for the many blessings in your life.

Meditation: Meditation is seeking stillness, the space in-between thoughts or the space in-between breaths. Meditation is the stillness within each of us, seeking calm and a sense of peacefulness. Meditation opens the channel within each of us to hearing, feeling or sensing, and for some, seeing Angels through their inner sight. You may receive answers to your requests during meditation while sitting in the silence or listening to soft music.

Write a Letter: Write a letter or journal sharing your innermost feelings, your deepest desires with your Guardian Angels.

Automatic Writing: Automatic writing is a form of communication that is intuitively received or channeled through you. To practice automatic writing, find a quiet, comfortable place where you will be undisturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Allow your mind to become still, and your writing hand to simply float or rest on a sheet of paper or with your fingers lightly resting on your computer’s keyboard. Trust that your hand is being guided by Angels. As you practice automatic writing, you will gain confidence in setting aside the ego mind chatter, receiving guidance from thee Angelic Realm.

Receiving Guidance from Angels

Once you have requested an Angels’ guidance or assistance be open to receiving an answer to your request. Angels reach through the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm through emotion, sound, dreams and signs. Messages from Angels can be subtle or very distinct. You can request thee Angels speak up if you are not sure you are hearing them. Ask for signs that are easy to recognize and understand. Ask for clarification if you are unsure you are receiving an answer. 211 angel number

Signs: A sign arrives in the form of a song on the radio which seems to be speaking to you; reading a passage in a book or magazine; during dream time; or in number sequences.

Listen: You may intuitively hear an Angel’s answers or overhear a conversation, chatting with a friend or co-worker and something said resonating within.

Knowing: A clear sense of knowing or claircognizance is a feeling that you just KNOW something without any apparent rhyme or reason. Perhaps you have been chatting with someone and found yourself responding to a question or speaking about something that you did not even know you knew anything about! It is as if someone, an Angel perhaps, had given you the information, and spoke through you!

Feeling or Sensing: Many people, Lightworkers, sense or receive information through emotions or feelings through their Heart Chakra. This is called clairsentience, or clear feeling. People, who are clairsentient sense energy easily, feel chills or “Goosebumps” may have “gut feelings” or hunches about places, people, or situations. Clairsentients are very sensitive to energy shifts around them and may experience reactions when others pass by, or even walking through an area where someone has been very happy, sad or angry. If you are clairsentient and experience a sudden change in your own energy vibration ask “is this coming from me or to me”…. wait for a few moments…. if the sudden change you experienced seems to have simply floated away, the energy vibration was coming to you, not from you.

Dreams or Intuition: You may see images with your mind’s eye, inner sight or perhaps through your Third Eye. Seeing with your inner sight is clairvoyance or clear seeing. Answers may be given to you in the form of dreams or images floating through your mind’s eye. You may be gifted with seeing Auras or subtle energy fields. Everything and everyone is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies and intensity, each frequency or energy vibration resonates with its own color. For example love resonates or has the frequency vibration of rose light.


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